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It started snowing here. That sounds so fancy th—HAUSKA TAVATA!

HAHA so I left Rovaniemi at the right time it see—- NYT VITTU KYUBEY

……..I typed Dishonored as Dishomored again.
AH WHATEVER it’s basically the same thing.

Oh! Also: I wanted to mention that I love how much attention Cry gives to Samuel in his Dishonored playthrough! Samuel is one of my favorite characters ever and I love it when people notice him and care about him! c:

I just let my cat back inside and I heard the seagulls. For me it’s the sign of summer coming and it makes me think about this town where I grew up. I also smelled the ocean.
I really need to take a walk today. It feels like ages since the last I saw the river, the ocean… and heard the seagulls.
GOSH I’M GETTING ALL EMOTIONAL HERE I JUST LOVE THIS TOWN AND SUMMER AND BIRDS OKAY??? (the people are not so great tho, but I love the nature!)

I had somone reblog my art like that once and i just blocked them and made a new art tag aside "my art" .... It's really dumb and annoying tho I dont get people.

I’m sorry to hear that. :/ I’ve been thinking of making a new art tag as well. Maybe I’ll get to change the tags next week.

(same anon) i'm on mobile, so I went ahead and checked out their blog. I can confirm that they're doing this with every single other post they have, reblogging the same comments on other people's art.

Yeah, noticed that myself as well. What a loser. Don’t they have, like… idk… a life?

that blog seems to be the latest incarnation of a blog I read about a while back, similar url and all. but there's a chance this one appears to be "joking"(?) considering the latest post. They reblog other peoples' art and say same thing they have on yours. The best thing to do is to report and block them. Either way it's crappy, sorry you have to deal with that.

Ahhh so they’ve done this before and just made a new account for it? Just a troll then? Way to make people mad. 8I
Going to report and block them then.





mom: hey *dad’s name* oh whoops i mean *brother’s name* oh no *sister’s name* i mean *name of the family goldfish* ah shoot i meant *your name* can you get down here really quick i need something

my dad has literally called me by his own name. 

my mother has called me our cats name who has been dead for five years

multiple times

I haven’t lived at home in 7 years, and my Dad still calls my sister by my name and vice versa. I think sometimes are eldest cousin’s name is thrown in there too.

My mom keeps accidentally calling me my brother’s name, then one day she was talking to our cat and called him BY MY NAME.








Huh. So there’s a blog claiming that they drew my art that I just posted.
I’m afraid to click on their url. May be a virus. Dunno.
STAY AWAY FROM THAT BLOG NONETHELESS. It’s ridiculous that they even try to claim other people’s art as their own. They may be tracking “my art” tag.